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Peer-reviewed publications

  1. Albert MV, Deeny S, McCarthy C, Valentin J, Herrmann M, Jayaraman A
    Monitoring Daily Function in Individuals with Transfemoral Amputations using a Commercial Activity Monitor.
    Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (under revision)
  2. Mhatra PV, Vilares I, Stibb SM, Albert MV, Pickering L, Marciniak C, Kording K, Toledo S (2013)
    Wii Fit Balance Board Playing Improves Balance and Gait in Parkinson Disease
    Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation 3 (10) S264
  3. Albert MV, McCarthy C, Valentin J, Herrmann M, Kording K, Jayaraman A (2013)
    Monitoring functional capability of individuals with lower limb amputations using mobile phones. 
    PLoS ONE 8(6): e65340. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0065340 [link],[pdf]
  4. Antos S, Albert MV, Kording K (2013)
    Hand, belt, pocket, or bag: practical activity tracking with mobile phones.
    Journal of Neuroscience Methods – Special issue on motion capture techniques in neurodegenerative disease (submitted)
  5. Albert MV, Toledo S, Shapiro M, and Kording KP (2012)
    Using mobile phones for activity recognition in Parkinson’s patients 
    Frontiers in Neurology 3:158. doi: 10.3389/fneur.2012.00158 [link]
  6. Albert MV, Kording KP, Herrmann M, Jayaraman A (2011)
    Fall classification by machine learning using mobile phones 
    PLoS ONE 7(5): e36556. [pdf]
  7. Albert MV, Kording KP (2011)
    Determining posture from physiological tremor 
    Experimental Brain Research. 215 (3), 247-255 [pdf]
  8. Santiago D. Toledo MD, Mark V. Albert PhD, Konrad Kording, Christina M. Marciniak MD, Priya V. Mhatre MD, Laura Pickering, Stacy M. Stibb DO, Iris Vilares (2011)
    Wii Video Game Balance-board Training: Does It Improve Balance and Gait in Adults With Parkinson Disease? 
    Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation 2011, Volume 3, Issue 10, Supplement 1, Pg S264 (Poster Presentation) [abstract]
  9. Fernandes HL*, Albert MV*, Kording KP (2011) (* contributed equally)
    Measuring generalization of visuomotor perturbations in wrist movements using mobile phones 
    PLoS ONE 6(5): e20290. [link] [PDF]



Book chapters, presentations, and abstracts

    1. Antos S, Albert MV, Kording K (2013)
      Activity tracking with smartphones: phone location matters. 
      Biomedical Engineering Society (BMES) annual meeting, Sept 25, 2013 (submitted)
    2. Albert MV. (2013) Panel member for Parkinson’s Day Fair, Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago, Presented mobile phone-based research at RIC. April 23, 2013.
    3. Marciniak C, Albert MV, Vilares V (2013)
      Overview of Research: Exercise, Physical Activity, and Smartphone technology.
      Rehabilitation Instiitute of Chicago Symposium “Theory, evidence and innovation: interdisciplinary care for Parkinson’s disease”. (invited presentation) April 8, 2013
    4. Albert MV. (2012) Presentation for Parkinson’s Research Day, Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago, Using mobile phones to evaluate and improve patient mobility. April 10, 2012.
    5. Moore AS, Albert MV, Kording KP (2012)
      Validating mobile phone accelerometer for measuring gait.
      Sensory Motor Performance Program intern poster presentation, Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago. Aug 3, 2012
    6. McCarthy C, Valentin J, Albert MV, Kording K, Jayaraman A (2012)
      Activity monitoring in lower limb amputees: using portable accelerometers and mobile phones.
      Sensory Motor Performance Program intern poster presentation, Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago. Aug 3, 2012
    7. Albert MV (2011)
      Using mobile phones to evaluate and improve patient mobility. 
      Regional ACM presentation. October 12, 2011 (invited)
    8. Albert MV, Kording K (2011)
      Automated activity recognition and identification using mobile phone accelerometry 
      Neural Control of Movement 2011 [abstract]
    9. Albert MV, Shapiro M, Toledo S, Kording K (2011)
      Recording and analyzing movements using mobile phones 
      NU Parkinson’s research day 2011 [pdf]
    10. Albert MV, Kording K (2010)
      Determining posture from physiological tremor 
      Neural Control of Movement 2010 [pdf]



    • Kording K, Levien A, and Albert MV. 
      Medical Evaluation System and Method using Sensors in Mobile Devices.
      WO2011133799 (pending, filing date Apr 21, 2011)